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Cafe del sol Gift card

The perfect present for any coffee lover!

This special card allows you to store money on it that can be used like cash to purchase any drinks and food items at any of our 3 locations in the Island, including Country Corner Savannah, Bayshore Mall, and by the Marquee Plaza.

For every 10 drinks purchased with the card, the 11th is free!

The card never expires so the balance can accumulate over time. It's easy to check the balance by asking our barista. Money can be added to the card in increments at the register onsite. The card is reloadable, so it continues providing perks after the initial gifted amount.

You can fuel up and savor your favorite espresso drinks, lattes, cold brews, and more! You'll appreciate every sip along the way to earning your next free cup.

It's a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

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